Agnes Scott College - Alumnae Weekend

Class of 2014

Hello, Ferocious Foxes!

Can you believe it’s been FIVE YEARS? For fox sake, it feels like we were just at Agnes getting ready to rush the quad for Black Cat! I hope you’re all doing well and being as feisty as ever. I know we’re all busy with many things, from relearning how to use a can opener to celebrating the new doctor and posting videos because we’re in our feelings, but let’s just pump the brakes and take a little breather. Get excited for Alumnae Weekend 2019! Mark your calendars for April 25–28, because I’m hoping to see all your sweet faces for a foxy time of catching up, reminiscing and shenanigans.

Class officers have been working hard to plan a weekend of awesomeness, and we want each of you there! Please add these dates to your busy schedules (because we’re adulting now) and look out for more information to come. Reach out to your fellow foxes (bird-call if you have to), and let’s make it a goal to have as many foxes there as possible! I know we can do it, and with that many foxes there, we’re sure to have a great time. Let’s go back to the times when the grass was literally greener and all we had to worry about was eating chicken nuggets during Snowpocalypse. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you there!


Sparkle Hodge ’14
Class President